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What Is A Meta Tag in SEO?

Question: What is a Meta Tag in SEO

Answer: Meta tags, also called meta keywords, are found in the HTML code of web pages. Meta tags let you tell the Web browser what kind of content is on your page so that it can better rank your website for filtering by a search engine’s spider.

Here’s an example highlighted in yellow below of a meta description when Googling for SEO Services Companies in Roodepoort.

Putting critical information in your meta tags will help you dominate search results pages (SERPS).

Keywords should be well targeted to meet valuable user intents, and themes should be used to organize web content around specific needs or more general topics of interest.

Developing key phrases with high traffic potential is a good way to assure reader click-through rate (CTR). The use of keyword balance will enhance where you show up on SERP listings with this technique for higher ranking.

The following are good tips on how to use your meta tags to rank higher:

  • Include CTA’s (Call-to-actions) like “Learn More”, “Read More” Etc
  • Make sure you targeted keyword is in your meta description
  • Add value in your description. It’s not just search engines that read your descriptions. People do too! You need to give them a reason to click on your link.
  • Look at your competitor’s descriptions and make sure to make yours unique

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