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We eat pizza too, believe it or not.. find out our story below

Ad Ignite is a digital marketing company based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. Ad Ignite was formed through a collection of late dorm room nights, office brainstorming sessions, and meetings between business partners. Through a combination of years of practical experience and knowledge Ad Ignite was created for one reason…

To help business owners grow their business with our online marketing services like SEO, PPC (Pay Per Click), Social Media and Content Creation. Our biggest goal is to add value to each and every client and to be a strategic long term partner that increases sales and online visibility.

We understand the value of your marketing budget. Every ZAR spent contributes to a bigger picture, it’s not just about generating handsome profits. But it’s paying the bills at home, looking after your employees, scaling your business and helping the economy grow. 

Because of this, we’ll manage your budget as if it was our own.

Our Team

Montaque "Monty" Swanepoel


Monty is an entrepreneur and Chartered Accountant with a passion for online marketing. He heads up the finance and operations here at Ad Ignite.

In his spare time he likes nothing more than to cycle, run and spend time with his wife and two (adorable) screaming kids.

Dylan Geustyn

Managing Director

Dylan is a lover of all things related to online marketing, including SEO, PPC, email marketing and social media advertising. His goal in life is to make the online marketing process as simple and painless as possible for small businesses.

He loves eating cheesecake, ice cold beer on hot days and spending time with his bulldog(s) and his beautiful wife.

Isabelle Rudolph

Marketing Manager

Isabelle is our Marketing Manager who has a deep passion for data-driven marketing solutions. She has experience in SEO, SEM, Organic and Paid social as well as Data Analysis. She has experience working with clients from many different industries across various regions such as USA, Canada and Australia. She has a passion for well strategized marketing campaigns that help you reach your goals. 

Isabelle loves a good coffee and in her down time she spends time with her husband and two sweet boys.

Johan De Beer

Search Marketer & PPC Specialist

Johan is an experienced marketing professional specializing in paid advertising strategies. He holds a degree in Marketing and has dedicated his career to developing and executing successful paid advertising campaigns for a diverse client base, from startups to large corporations.

He keeps up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in paid advertising, ensuring that his strategies are both innovative and effective. His primary focus is driving growth and enhancing the market presence of businesses through targeted, results-oriented paid marketing initiatives.

Outside of marketing, Johan finds inspiration in deep-sea diving, where the vastness of the underwater world mirrors his boundless imagination. This sense of adventure and exploration fuels his innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Courtney Swanepoel

Associate Content Copywriter
Courtney is a passionate individual with a diverse range of interests and skills. Her primary interests lie in copywriting and creating compelling content for websites and blogs. 

She has a natural talent for crafting engaging narratives and delivering information in a captivating manner. Courtney’s love for marketing stems from the freedom it provides to be creative while working diligently to achieve success. 

She thrives on the opportunity to develop innovative marketing strategies and bring her creative ideas to life. Outside of her professional pursuits, Courtney enjoys swimming, which allows her to stay active and find tranquility in the water. 

She also has a passion for makeup artistry, where she can express her creativity through color, texture, and style. With her unique blend of interests and skills, Courtney is a valuable asset in the marketing industry. Her dedication, creativity, and work ethic shine through in everything she does.

Ready to Meet the Team?

A Note From One of Our Founders

I get to work with the most incredible business owners and it’s an absolute pleasure to wake up everyday to help play a strategic role in their business. 

At Ad Ignite we aren’t perfect (we have our flaws just as each person does) but we definitely try to be the best version of ourselves every morning and deliver our finest work, for ourselves and most importantly our clients. This authenticity, transparency and positive attitude is what we live by and what you can expect from our team.

Our clients (and my bulldog’s slobber… aka “Ben”…) gets me out of bed in the morning, and if it wasn’t for the ongoing trust and support of our clients there would be no Ad Ignite to wake up to.

So to everyone I work with everyday, and to everyone I will have the pleasure to work with going forward, thank you… and let’s crush it together

Dylan Geustyn, Co-Founder


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